Consulting for Enterprises

Business today depends on technology as never before. The technology monitors, measures and controls operations and production in wide range of industry and its utilization gives competitive advantage, prevent losses and improves quality of final products. BurgSys provides a broad range of multimedia analytics consulting services to help our clients drive excellence and business value in applications dependent on unstructured data including audio, video and images. BurgSys is able to deliver world class solutions which blend BurgSys.s solutions and Rapid-I technology.

Our consultants cover a wide range of electronic systems, from smart phones through to industrial control systems, with many years of experience in delivering industrial systems to business. Our consultants with deep knowledge of the nature and principles of the BurgSys technologies can help you to propose several approaches how to deal any particular problem and give their advantages and disadvantages.

We offer consulting including:

Image processing, analysis and mining

We offer consulting services to (not only) our software products.


We can of strong expertise not only in multimedia mining but also in classic data mining, real-time data mining.

Validation and performance estimation

In order to minimize risks of failures, we offer consulting in model validation and statistical performance estimation.

Integration with current infrastructure

We offer help to optimally integrate our solutions into your current infrastructure.

Custom development

We offer consulting for any custom development not only in the area of image processing, image analysis and image mining but in the whole range of data analytics.

Big-data analytics

We offer consulting in order to scale your solutions accroding to your needs. We can offer strong expertise in the area of optimization and using special hardware architectures to significantly speedup your solutions.

Non-Binding Consultation