Tutorial - Automatic Map Analysis

  • Map analysis

    This tutorial shows, how to use the Image Analysis Enterprise software for map analysis. According to the user input the artificial intelligence is used in order to automatize analysis of geo-spatial data, i.e. maps and images taken from aircrafts.

    Please note that this is a tutorial, i.e. a simplified version of a previous real BurgSys's project. The objective is not to achieve the best possible accuracy but to provide easy to understand and easy to configure example. Accuracy of the process can be improved significantly by model optimization and more information you can also get at BurgSys training.

Training process description

  • Image analysis - training

    Main training and testing process

  • Subprocess

    Inner sub-process of training part

  • Preprocessing

    Preprocessing of image in the training process

  • Postprocessing

    Postprocessing of image in the testing process

  • examples

    Results of visualization.